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Xsample AIL Standard Part 3 Mallets, Stringed & Keyed Instruments
Requirements: Full version of Native Instruments Kontakt (version 5.5 or higher), not compatible with Kontakt Player
Xsample professional sound libraries
Instruments / playing styles & articulations:
A bundle of 7 mallet, 3 stringed and 9 keyed instruments. All instruments are also available as single purchases with included extended edition add-ons.
Stringed Instruments
Keyed Instruments
Marimbaphone: standard mallets standard damped with finger finger damped with sticks bowed (with double bass bow) wiped
Xylophone: standard mallets plastic mallets
Vibraphone: standard mallets xylophone mallets triangle mallets harmonics bowed (with double bass bow)
Crotales: standard mallets plastic mallets bowed (with double bass bow)
Glockenspiel: standard mallets
Chromatic Steel Drum: standard mallets soft mallets hard mallets various effects
Diatonic Steel Drum: standard mallets with sticks glissando effects
Concert Harp I: pizzicato pizzicato damped harmonics multi–harmonics pedal effect sounds slides shouts stroke noises
8 String Guitar: with finger with plectrum slaps dead notes slides strokes percussive noises
Hammered Dulcimer: standard mallets wood mallets tremolo sordino harmonics pizzicato double pizzicato strokes & glissandi
Accordion: 8' in cassotto 8' a cassotto 4' 16' vibrato tremolo bellows shake staccato (bellow and key staccato) left manual 8' + 16' air noises strokes glissandi draw-stop noises
Celesta I: standard
Prepared Piano: various glissandi (with lether, glass) paper on low strings plectron effects screws strokes with gum and much more…
Steinway B: Layers for pedal “up” and pedal “down” sounds seamless dynamic through layer blending pedal noises (resonance)
Toy Piano: standard with hand plucked strokes glissandi
Clavichord: standard
Clavicymbel: 8' 8' Lute stop 8' prepared (damped)
Spinet I: 8' 8' Lute stop strokes glissandi
Spinet II: 8' 8' Lute stop